Marrying a passion for Podcasts, Blockchain and Metadata

Ponder is a persistent data store, a fully-decentralized social network and a graph-visualized discovery service for podcasts, built on Arweave.

Hi, I’m Niall. I’m a founding partner at decentapps and will be writing our first blog post.

If you’d rather skip the waffle, you can read our Roadmap over at our website here.

Today I’ll briefly introduce our blockchain company, our first blockchain project and talk a little about where we’re at now and what we need to take things to the next level.

Future blogs will delve more deeply into what we’re doing with the Ponder App and future projects, trivial matters such as branding and life philosophy, the more interesting issues faced by a nascent blockchain company and grand ideas such as the potential of blockchain to change the world to something more equitable for all of humanity.

We believe in blockchain as a technology that can make the world a much better place for all. We try to stick to our ethos while not taking life too seriously. In reality, it can be a hard balance between an open and casual working environment and pragmatism, but we think it’s worth aiming for.

While all three partners try to live by our ethos, we don’t expect every member of the team to do so. Though we do try to hire individuals who believe in the blockchain as a public good, we don’t want an echo chamber and competing views are welcome.

I will mention it again in more detail in a future blog post but the ethos boils down to these words: humility, compassion, logic (and open-source!) In the meanwhile, you can check us out in more detail, along with our ethos, over on the Team page and Roadmap respectively.

Ponder is a persistent data store, a social network and a graph-visualized discovery service for podcasts, built on Arweave. We believe that podcasts, their topics, and the conversations around them are an increasingly vital component of the online world and society as a whole. Ponder provides a platform for preserving the metadata surrounding podcasts, from historical to future data, for centuries to come.

You can see a full Roadmap here.

Our prototype is gathering pace and we’re excited to take things to the next level with a couple of new developers who share our passion.

If this project strikes your interest and you feel up to the challenge, we can be contacted with a CV and short introduction over on the Hiring page

I aim to deliver at least one blog a week, hopefully more as I cajole the others into discussing their areas of expertise with you. In the meanwhile, please feel free to mail me to talk about all things blockchain.

Cheers :)
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